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U Výstaviště 1/20, 170 05 Praha

GPS: 50° 06' 27" N   14° 25' 45" E    Search route
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In 1891, the citizens of Prague were able to use their first electric tram track going from Letná to Stromovka, where the World Exhibition took place. The most notable exhibit at the Exposition was then an electrically lit fountain, constructed by the "Czech Edison" František Křižík. The present make-up of the fountain has as its basis the reconstructed li3S Hp fountain design, which saw the light a hundred years later - in 1991 at the Všeobecná československá výstava (General Country Jubilee Exhibition). In the 19th century, the bottom of the fountain plate was equipped with fifty multicolored reflectors; today, the fountain has 1300 of them, making the magical play of the light possible. The fountain pool with the dimensions of 25 x 45 meters can hold up to 1650 cubic meters of water and the water circuits (composed ^s of more than 2 kilometers of pipes) with almost 3.000 nozzles are managed by 49 water pumps. The time and age has also brought about other technical novelties and refinements such as: the projection of images on the water screen, film projection on the water screen or laser effects. There is a new light park and the auditorium has perfect sounding thanks to the fifty-five electro-acoustic transmitters. The Light Fountain became a unique and popular sensation of the Exposition the 100 years ago. Today, one of the most notable str uctures of Prague's Vystaviste remains one of the greatest tourist attractions of the hundred-spired Prague. An amphitheatre has grown up in the close vicinity of the fountain, which Orpheus agency annually fulfills with water and light shows amplified by the most amazing melodies of both the classical music, pop stars and unique original Czech art projects.

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