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Tuháňská , 273 07 Vinařice u KLadna

GPS: 50° 09' 56" N   14° 04' 58" E    Search route
         50.1655830638889  50.1655830638889

Tel.: +420 312 273 067 / E-mail

The mining open-air museum is situated about 30 km to the west of the capital city of Prague. On 23 July 1874 Pražská železářská společnost began to sink a pit on Homolka Hill near Vinařice. The coal seam of a thickness of 9 m was exposed at a depth of 515.2 m on 28 September 1878. The mine was ceremonially named after the then chairman of the Board of Directors JUDr. Kajetán Majer – Mayrau. The open-air museum offers its visitors seeing technical monuments specialized in the documentation and presentation of mining activities in the Kladno and Slaný regions. A MODEL OF THE LAST WORKING DAY… a visitor will take an intensive feeling of walking the mine which was left by the shift half an hour ago. GHOSTLY UNDERGROUND FOR CHILDREN… 130 meters of entries which are full of ghosts, bogies and bugaboos, showing round the listed Mayrau mine with commentary and a video program, a collection of 3 winding engines in the original engine rooms – a winding engine in Art Nouveau style of 1905 made by the company Ringhoffer Prague and a Robert winding engine of 1932, and the like.

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