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Zámek 1, 252 43 Průhonice

GPS: 50° 00' 04" N   14° 33' 32" E    Search route
         50.0011797027778  50.0011797027778

Tel.: +420 267 750 346 / E-mail

The Průhonice Park was established at the time when the landscape style already achieved its acme and when English parks in Europe were enriched by exotic plants. The free arrangement of park areas is characteristic. Areas of woody plants, clumps of trees and shrubs alternate with free meadow areas, ponds, streams and their blind branches.

The Průhonice Park is on the Category I cultural monuments list and on the list of historical gardens. In addition to the artistic and historical importance, the park is valuable also dendrologically as a collection of domestic and introduced plants – about 1500 species and cultivars of woody plants (1200 broadleaved and 300 coniferous) and 600 species and cultivars of perennial plants.

You can only walk in the park (not move by bicycle or in-line).

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