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, Pikovice

GPS: 49° 52' 38" N   14° 25' 35" E    Search route
         49.8771352527778  49.8771352527778

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From: Pikovice
To: Kamenný Přívoz and consequently back to Pikovice by train  
Route length: 15 km
Not suitable for buggies

One of the most beautiful tourist routes in our neighborhood and perhaps even in the Czech Republic. The route leads mainly through forest along/above the Sázava River with several views of the changing river surface and the opposite hilly bank where several cottages and outdoor bungalows are located – looking at the cottages and bungalows, one wonders how was it possible to build them or to transport building materials there. By the river, you will see many watermen who enjoy the neighborhood from their own or rented canoes or rafts.
Park your car at the car park in Pikovice. Walk on this side of the river (the left bank) against the stream. You will see a marked (red) tourist route leading along the river. Behind Žampach, the route turns right, away from the river, and takes you through open nature to a road; you will walk left and reach Kamenný Přívoz. Walk over the bridge and continue left; turn right behind the grocery shop (still along the red tourist route). The route will take you through the village, you will walk slightly upward and reach cottage colony where you can admire how and how much people are able to produce on such small area. After approx. 1 km, you will reach the train stop. If you expect to see a platform with railway building, you will be disappointed – there is only a mobile booth with sign “Kamenný přívoz” at the station. But don’t worry; the train will stop here. You will travel in direction of Prague (left). Tickets can be purchased on the train from the conductor; the target station “Petrov u Prahy” will be reached via the “Jílové u Prahy” and “Luka pod Medníkem” stations. The actual train ride is a big adventure (it is also sought as trip target) because the train ride’s big (second) part on a slope along the Sázava River. This time, you will see the river from a higher elevation and from the right bank; the train will be touched by the branches of trees. For both of these reasons, the train moves very slowly, which makes the view even better. We recommend sitting on the left side of the train carriage! After leaving the train, walk down to the pedestrian bridge and return to the side where your car is parked.  Under the bridge, you will see the watermen again as their journey ends here and they return the rented boats.

The route is not suitable for buggies, but it can be enjoyed with small children. But don’t forget to wear firm shoes and take a sufficient amount of water.

Train for return journey from Kamenný Přívoz departs (2014) at:
 Mon-Fri:  11:57, 14:22, 15:07, 16:37, 17:38, 19:37, 20:37, 22:57
 Sat+Sun:  11:44, 14:52, 16:26, 17:21, 18:51, 19:57, 20:57

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