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Libeň , 25241 Libeň

GPS: 49° 56' 19" N   14° 27' 46" E    Search route
         49.9385222277778  49.9385222277778

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Do you like fishing? Then you can buy permits for fishing in the pond /the ground right in the neighbouring village of Libeň/ at our reception. As it lies right in the centre of the small village, you can enjoy the calmness of fishing in combination with watching local life. The main advantage is that the ground is private - so all you need is really only a permit purchased at reception and no additional permit is required.

The price for our guests is  just 100 CZK/day.
The price also includes the option of taking one caught fish home with you.

- Sizes of fishes permitted for fishing: carp: 45-65 cm, tench: 25 cm, silver carp: 60 cm, grass carp: 55 cm, and eel: 55 cm
- Fishes without limitation: crucian carp, goldfish, and weed fishes
- Protected fishes: catfish
- Fishing out only one noble fish is permitted during one day
- Fishing with 2 fishing rods (children: 1 fishing rod), each with a maximum of 2 rigs with single hooks, is permitted
- A ban on fishing on Tuesday (a rest after feeding)

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