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Libušská 319/126, 14200 Praha

GPS: 50° 00' 06" N   14° 28' 27" E    Search route
         50.0016284611111  50.0016284611111

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Do you like cheap shopping, do you like negotiating the price and do you forgive a possible shorter lifespan of the goods because of a low price? Then is the great market SAPA the right place for you. On an area of size 10.000 m2 you can find any possible clothes, but also a lot of toys, electronic products, drugstores … The market is mainly for Vietnamese sellers, who then sell the goods further – you will usually not find prices written on the goods and very often it is possible to buy more pieces of one article and then you can of course discuss a much better price. ,… In addition, you can discuss a much lower price with most marketers even in case of a small shopping – it really depends on willingness of sellers and your bargain abilities. In case you buy some product, check its quality immediately and do not think about getting a receipt or a later claim or return of goods – this all is a tax for really very, very low prices. The market is open every day from approximately 9 to 17 hours.

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