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Vídeňská , 25242 Vestec u Prahy

GPS: 49° 59' 01" N   14° 29' 45" E    Search route
         49.9834937277778  49.9834937277778

Tel.: +420 728 204 006 / E-mail

Self-service car wash, for caravans as well as motor homes. Self cleaning operations managed by tokens which can be bought in a machine labeled "Vydej zetonu." One token (one washing operation is 10 CZK only).

Requested operation is chosen via dial selector. First, set the dial selector to "STOP" position and then throw the required number of tokens into the machine. If you throw more tokens at once the total time available for washing is shown on the display. When turning the dial selector to the requested operation, the programme starts right away and operates for 75 s. for 1 token. The remaining time is displayed.
The operation can be interrupted by switching to "STOP" or by switching to another programme in no particular order.

1. Pressure shampoo washing - guns with no brush. Vehicle washing with high pressure, removing coarse dirt.
2. Brush washing with shampoo – a brush gun, wash your car with a brush thoroughly.
3. Rinse - guns with no brush. Rinse your vehicle with high pressure clean water. Rinse off all the foam from the vehicle thoroughly.
4. Waxing - guns with no brush. Vehicle wax conservation. Rinse your vehicle with water and wax addition. After preservation of the entire vehicle rinse it with water again.

In the Car Wash you may also use in a value of one token vacuum cleaners for (300 s) perfumes (30 s), floor mats dishwasher (60 s) carpet cleaner (120 s). There is also a free use tire compressor.

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